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This is the girl that started it all. I was on the fence about a corgi pup...until Reba came along! She taught me a lot about the breed & convinced me that they are one of the smartest, willing-to-please breeds around. Reba is a petite girl, at 18lbs, but don't let her size fool you! She actually thinks she's a big dog. Reba has excelled at her obedience classes & will stay out & play fetch with you as long as your arm holds out! She is athletic, but also enjoys coming in at night to chill with the family.

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Meet our newest addition to Creek Farm Corgis, Dolly! She is an American Corgi, which is a mix between a Pembroke & a Cardigan. She is CKC registered. Right now, we are just enjoying loving on her & watching her grow. Dolly's sweet & spicy personality is a lot of fun & she's already proven herself to be so smart!

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